Training details Norway

Course name: Technique MEBP®, Massage for Special Needs Children​

Mélissa Boulanger, massage therapist, founder and trainer of Technique MEBP®



Be a massage therapist


60 hours of theoretical and practical training

Equipment required

Shiatsu massage futon or a floor mat    

Comfortable clothes
One flat sheet

Paper and pencil


Hygiene measures

Clean and short nails
No neckline

Do not wear perfume


This course is for massage therapists who wish to adapt their practice for special needs children. The massage therapist will be led to increase its knowledge of the various disorders.
The course will also address the specific skills and knowledge needed to work properly with these children. The student will be taught to recognize the specific needs of the child and to adapt his practice accordingly.
At the end of the course, the massage therapist will be able to do a therapeutic follow-up program while considering the various emotional, physical and sensory particularities of the child.

Course outline    

Signs and symptoms of the main disorders and syndromes affecting children.
Know-how: to adapt the techniques and the environment. To know the professionals involved in the child’s development.
Soft-Skills: to interact and communicate adequately. To manage unexpected situations, meltdowns or tantrums.


Acquiring a basic understanding of disorders and syndromes mainly affecting children.

Adapting your techniques and the environment to meet the needs.
Interacting and communicating adequately with a special needs child and his parent.

Acquiring knowledge of various professionals.


Educational form

Lectures, practical teaching, practical situations/simulations, workshops, discussions and case studies.


Evaluation and grade weighting

Written theoretical exam and Quiz

Case studies on special needs children with Technique MEBP®’s official forms

In class traineeship with an observer

Final practical examination on a special needs child.


Passing score




10950 NOK - After February 1 2020

Deposit of 2500 NOK require on registration

Registration and information


Additional information

Approximately 15 hours of studying and homework

Purchase of specialized tools for special needs children

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